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You can find two lawfully respected kinds of intimate harassment, quid pro quo and aggressive environment harassment - http://Kscripts.com/?s=harassment that is sexual.

The most common is Quid Pro Quo, which roughly translated through the Latin means "something for one thing." This kind of harassment happens each time a persons' rejection or acceptance of this sexual improvements of another person determines the target's financial development or task advancement. The victim needs to demonstrate that there was a threat of economic loss due to the harassment in proving this type of sexual harassment. Putting employees in that situation not only impacts those a part of the harassment, but also affects overall work morale and efficiency.

Hostile environment intimate harassment occurs when unwanted sexual conduct happens in the workplace and makes the job environment hostile and demanding. The workplace may include intimate graffiti, duplicated sexual improvements or language that is offensive. While this type of harassment may not create a tangible lack of job or promotion, the surroundings of working under this kind of sexual harassment has severe implications for the employees' mental health.
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Suggestion 2: Evenhandedly enforce your policy, without exception.

In the event that you determine that the policy happens to be violated, enforce that policy -- whatever the offender's place in the organization! [Easier said than done? Maybe. But look at the appropriate and employee relations consequences to do otherwise.]

Suggestion 3: Implement user-friendly harassment/discrimination interior problem and investigation procedures.

Offer multiple choices for registering complaints -- written, hot-line, in-person (e.g., supervisor, senior manager, HR) -- including at least one feminine and with as much diversity as you are able to
Designate (and train) male/female teams for issue investigation

Suggestion 4: Communicate the insurance policy and procedures.

In writing -- worker handbook, bulletin boards, e-mail, memos, company's site
Verbally -- new hire orientation, department meetings, one-on-one
Reinforce sporadically with in-person statements by senior management and supervisors that are immediate

Suggestion 6: Train all workers:

The scope and essence of relevant laws and your policy
How exactly to avoid all forms of discrimination and harassment
Just how to respond (including procedure that is complaint to harassment/discrimination

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